Empowering Youth with Digital Creativity

Youth Media Network is a non-profitable and non-governmental digital network dedicated to empowering young individuals across Pakistan.

Our mission is to provide a platform for youth to explore their talents and contribute to the betterment of society. Founded amidst the pandemic on April 23, 2020, we recognized the need to support and nurture the artistic abilities of young people, even in challenging times.


Meet Our Experts

Hassan Sherazi


Charagh Baloch

Vice Chairman

Anum Iqbal


Esha Malik

Secretary General of Youth Media Network Pakistan

Dr. Aafia Muhammad Amin

Director Projects

Hajra Ramzan

Director Youth Career Development (YCD) and Director Human Resources (HR)


Director of Graphic Designing

Asma Yasin

Director Content

Our Working Process

Research & Analysis:

At Youth Media Network Pakistan, we commence our process with in-depth research and analysis. By delving into the needs, preferences, and challenges faced by youth nationwide, we gain valuable insights to inform our strategies and initiatives.

Strategic Planning:

Armed with research findings, we enter the strategic planning phase. Here, we meticulously craft comprehensive plans tailored to address the identified needs of our target audience. Our strategic approach ensures that our initiatives are well-aligned with our mission and objectives.

Implementation & Execution:

With our strategic plans in hand, we proceed to implementation and execution. This phase involves translating our strategies into action through organized and efficient project management. We leverage our expertise and resources to ensure smooth execution and timely delivery of our programs and activities.

Outcome Delivery & Impact Assessment:

The culmination of our efforts lies in delivering tangible outcomes and assessing their impact. We measure the effectiveness of our initiatives, gathering feedback and data to evaluate their success in empowering youth and fostering positive change in society. Through rigorous impact assessment, we continuously strive to enhance the effectiveness of our work and maximize our societal impact.


betterment and welfare of society by empowering young individuals

Youth Media Network is a digital platform dedicated to the betterment and welfare of society by empowering young individuals. Recognizing the pivotal role of disciplined youth in shaping a well-disciplined society, we strive to provide opportunities for talented individuals in Pakistan to express and hone their skills. Our mission is to create an environment where youth can explore their potential, fostering both personal and professional growth.


lead our society and country towards a brighter future

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Youth Media Network emerged as a beacon of hope, providing opportunities for youth to unleash their creative potential from the safety of their homes. Our vision is to lead our society and country towards a brighter future by harnessing the artistic abilities of our youth. We aim to optimize our goals with an optimistic approach, recognizing the significance of youth in driving societal progress.

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