Secretary General of Youth Media Network Pakistan

Esha Malik

Esha Malik, the dynamic Secretary General of Youth Media Network Pakistan, is a catalyst for change in the realm of digital empowerment. Joining as a Content Writer in 2023, she swiftly ascended to Director of Content before her recent elevation to Secretary General, testament to her leadership prowess. Esha spearheaded pivotal initiatives including Youth Career Development and Learnify, fostering the growth of Pakistan's youth. With an eye for innovation, she curated impactful events like the Youth Talent Jamboree, showcasing young talents nationwide. Esha's strategic acumen and dedication make her a beacon of inspiration, driving the digital network towards a brighter, more empowered future.


Esha Malik, Secretary General of Youth Media Network Pakistan, embarked on her journey with the digital network in 2023 as a Content Writer. With her exceptional skills and dedication, she quickly rose through the ranks and assumed the role of Director of Content. Recently, Esha was honored with the prestigious promotion to Secretary General, a testament to her leadership qualities and invaluable contributions to the digital network.

Throughout her tenure, Esha has been instrumental in various projects aimed at youth development and empowerment. She played a pivotal role in initiatives such as Youth Career Development, Learnify, and Youth Digital Workshops in 2023. Her involvement in these projects underscored her commitment to fostering the growth and potential of young individuals in Pakistan.

In addition, Esha was actively engaged in organizing events like the Youth Talent Jamboree in 2023, which provided a platform for young talents to showcase their skills and creativity. Her strategic vision and hands-on approach ensured the success of these endeavors, leaving a lasting impact on the youth community.

Esha’s role extended beyond project management as she also played a crucial part in the Digital Network’s Project Department, where she contributed to crafting compelling biographies for the team. Her ability to articulate the achievements and capabilities of her colleagues reflected her adeptness in communication and storytelling.

With Esha Malik at the helm, the Youth Media Network Pakistan transformed into a thriving digital network, serving as a beacon of opportunity and inspiration for the youth. Her unwavering dedication and passion for empowering the next generation exemplify her as a true leader in the realm of digital media and youth advocacy.

Professional Skills

Digital Media Proficiency 90%
Community Building 85%
Communication 95%
Project Management 80%