Abuzar Amanat

Abuzar Amanat, COO of Youth Media Network Pakistan, embodies leadership and dedication. Joining in 2023 as a Project Officer, he swiftly rose to Director of Youth Career Development, spearheading transformative initiatives. Abuzar's expertise extends to project management, evident in successful events like the Youth Digital Workshops and Talent Jamboree. As Director of HR, he ensures the network's workforce thrives. Abuzar's strategic vision and commitment make him integral to Youth Media Network Pakistan's mission of empowering youth and fostering growth.


Abuzar Amanat, the accomplished Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Youth Media Network Pakistan, stands as a driving force behind the digital network’s success. Joining in 2023 as a Project Officer, Abuzar swiftly climbed the ranks, showcasing exemplary dedication and leadership. His journey saw him ascend to the role of Director of Youth Career Development (YCD), where he orchestrated transformative initiatives aimed at nurturing the professional growth of Pakistan’s youth.

Additionally, Abuzar’s portfolio extended to overseeing projects such as the Youth Digital Workshops 2023 and the Youth Talent Jamboree 2023, underscoring his adeptness in project management and event coordination. His commitment to fostering career development manifested in organizing diverse sessions aimed at empowering youth in their career pursuits.

Moreover, Abuzar’s multifaceted role includes serving as the Director of Human Resources (HR), where he ensures the digital network’s workforce is supported and equipped to excel. His strategic vision and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable asset to Youth Media Network Pakistan, driving its mission forward with passion and purpose.